iHabiMap is an EPA funded large-scale project that is running from 2019 to 2023. It aims to develop analytical approaches to determine if UAV imagery and machine learning can effectively map, assess and monitor a range of Annex I habitats. 

In Ireland, we are required by the Habitats Directive to conduct assessments of ecosystems. These assessments have been conducted by ecologists in the field over the past twenty years. One of the aims of iHabiMap is to develop a robust tool that can aid and enhance these assessments using UAV and Satellite data.

Three Annex I habitat types will be assessed throughout the project: Upland habitats, Grassland habitats and Coastal Habitats. 


The iHabiMap project is a collaboration between TCD, DCU, Botanical, Environmental & Conservation (BEC) Consultants and ProvEye.

The project brings together experts in ecological assessment, earth observation and machine learning.


In this multi-disciplinary project we aim to integrate UAV and Satellite data to enable mapping, assessment and monitoring of habitats on a broader scale.